Manufacture of hair, beard and skin products for Private Label products – Scandinavian Hair Company's focus

We do one thing. We only work with private labels. That is what we focus on and that is why we do it so well.

With experience ranging from products for small salons or events to the conceptual launches of the global cosmetics chain, we are well equipped to create just the brand and the products you want to put on the market. We help you through the entire process, from the idea to the finished product and to further innovations in the development of your concept.

Tailored hair, beard and skin products. You own the recipes.

Part of what makes Scandinavian Hair Company unique as a partner is that we tailor our product to your wishes, and that you, the customer, own the recipe in its entirety. This also means that you have your own distinctive and unique product, both in terms of design and ingredients.

Read in detail about how we develop your private label products.

When we develop your products, we work in accordance with a quality-assured process based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Read more about GMP here.

Every customer is unique and this is why every process and form of cooperation is unique, but the basic framework of the process is as follows.

Planning and start-up

Initially, we need to discuss, plan and inform each other about the product itself, but also about other basic factors that are important.
This takes place through conversations and meetings in which, for example, we discuss:




  • single product
  • a series of products
  • an expanded product line
  • hair (shampoo, conditioner, mask, conditioner spray)
  • hair styling (hair wax, hair gel, hair oil, hair serum, aerosol products, hair mist, salt water spray
  • beard (oil, wax, shampoo)
  • skin (lotion, oil, peeling, deo stick, shower gel, skin cream, hand cream)



Depending on the product and brand we are going to create, there are a host of different aspects to take into consideration, and ingredients to use.

  • new & innovative
  • traditional
  • environmentally friendly
  • a guiding principle throughout the series
  • luxurious, for example, caviar oil (which makes the hair feel really soft)
  • exotic
  • Nordic
  • Swedish
  • natural
  • organic


There are various labels available which communicate whether the product is, for example, paraben free. Labels which clarify the product's benefits and content.

Development of concept & design

We have now reached the point in the process where we know what you want and the requested product is determined. Then the following happens:


  1. Our chemist, who is involved in the process from the outset, mixes up the requested product and this undergoes internal quality control.
  2. The product is sent to you (the customer).
  3. The customer tests the product with his reference group (usually hairdressers). Independent focus groups are preferable as a test panel.
  4. OK from the customer.


The packaging, which together with the design represents the brand, is extremely important and must be chosen with great care. The packaging serves many functions: it must preserve, sell, compete with other products on the shelf and communicate what your brand stands for. As the customer you often have an idea about how you want it to look, you may even have a sample or an image to show us.
The following are crucial for the appearance of the packaging/the choice of packaging:

  • Weights/volumes (e.g. 250ml)
  • Number of packages. The quantities often decide which packaging is appropriate


Other factors to consider in connection with packaging are whether a tube, bottle or spray is most appropriate. Perhaps it should include a package insert, perhaps outer packaging/a case is necessary? At this stage, we look at the alternatives available. We have about 10 different partners across Europe covering all possible (and impossible) solutions.

The starting premise of the design work that takes place in parallel is to signal the values for which your brand stands. We work closely with you and come up with various proposals for solutions. A process which usually lasts about 3 weeks, including revisions. We are also responsible for the revision and insertion of the INCI list (list of the product's raw ingredients).

In order to ensure the quality of your hair, beard and skincare products in full, they undergo a number of different tests:

  • stability test
  • challenge test (bacterial control)
  • safety assessment (not harmful to skin, or otherwise hazardous for the customer)
  • compatibility test (test of packaging)


Production & delivery

Now it is time to produce the products and move them to the market. This involves, among other things:

  • Ordering raw materials
  • Ordering of packaging and labels
  • Manufacture of the product
  • Filling of packaging
  • Packing for transport
  • Distribution


The entire process from the first meeting until the final delivery is a parallel process. The duration depends on the complexity of the product - is it a completely new recipe or perhaps one of our existing "off-the-shelf" recipes that we are going to produce? Against this background, it usually takes between 6 months and up to 1.5 years to develop your product. Our flexibility is one of our most valuable strengths and this means it can often take less time.

Together we create your brand

Our breadth and knowledge ensure that we can help you regardless of whether you are looking for hair, beard or skin products.

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